Knitting Korner presents Nenah Galati’s line of instructional DVD’s. Learn to knit from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace with Nenah as your personal instructor right there with you! With 19 DVDs, we are certain whether you are a beginner or advanced knitter, you will find one that is perfect for you!


Learn 19 Different Projects in 3 Easy Steps:


1. Grab your Needles

All of Nenah's videos feature her using circular needles. If you don't have a pair be sure to stop by your local Knitting Store and pick up a set today!


2. Choose your Yarn

Select the yarn that best fits the project you are working on. If you have any questions on the yarn you can always ask Nenah!


3. and Press Play!

It could not be easier. Settle into your favorite spot, grab the remote and you are set to knit. You can rewind and pause as much as you need!

Would you like to take a few moments out of your busy day, stop all thoughts and cares swirling around your head? Knitting can provide the tool you need to just sit and be still and enjoy the moment. My DVDs will teach you all you need to know, from how to knit, to 18 fun and easy projects. You will not be overwhelmed as you learn a new technique. You will find that the pleasure of knitting will become the focal point. Because to me knitting can spiritual, therapeutic, meditative as well as creative, please listen to my philosophy to learn more.

Happy Knitting,

Nenah A. Galati

Read what some of Nenah's students have to say:

I particularly loved your out-takes. It was so much fun to see you make a mistake on camera and then laugh out loud openly and relaxed. Thanks for sharing that part of your recording process. - Lee (Lydia) Mitchell

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Check out our newest DVD, Now Available:  Lace Knitting

Intro to Lace Knitting. This DVD starts off with a simple lace pattern, and offers four more each getting a bit more complex. Learn some tips and tools suggested for successful lace knitting.

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